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Coffee expertly ground and perfectly preserved under vacuum for your daily moka rituals.

The Ground Coffee packaged in the traditional vacuum-sealed pack.

You can also find ground coffee in the traditional 250g vacuum-sealed pack, ideal for enthusiasts of tradition and those who love the evocative preparation of moka with its enveloping fragrance that spreads in every corner of the house.

If you prefer to grind coffee beans at home, we recommend visiting our section of Coffee Beans packaged in recyclable hi-tech tins in the 250g format or in a bag in the 1Kg format.

Available in the 250g format, choose from five excellent blends:

  • Espresso Oro: Naturally sweet and delicate with a delightful chocolate and caramel aroma, perfect for starting the day with the right dose of goodness.
  • Espresso Ricco: Full and enveloping, it encapsulates a heritage of aromatic notes ranging from cocoa to biscuit, a small personal luxury.
  • Espresso Crema: Soft and creamy with aromatic notes of chocolate, toasted bread, and hazelnut, it embodies the most traditional recipes of the Camardo roastery.
  • Aroma Intenso: Bold and aromatic with notes of roasted hazelnut, spices, and cocoa, it’s the blend that turns moments into awakenings and coffee breaks with all its energetic charge.
  • Decaffeinated: A balanced and artfully roasted blend with aromatic notes of citrus and cocoa.

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