Master Baristi Academy


Academia [from Greek akadēmia]: This word indicated the sacred garden located near ancient Athens where Plato used to teach, and from which the name of the philosophical school he founded originates. Over the centuries, the meaning of Academia has become more modern and has shifted towards a more specialized meaning. Indeed, the Academia has become an institution dedicated to the most refined studies and deepening of highest level knowledge. We can call it, in short, the art of knowledge, that has been handed down and nowadays can be applied to all the branches, in our case one of the oldest drinks: Coffee.
Our training experience, has evolved over the years and it has become a real academy, a place to taste coffee and learn how to prepare it properly.
The coffee culture is spread and has to be spread all over the world. Coffee, therefore, has become a real academic teaching. It isn’t enough to have an exceptional quality coffee blend, it i salso necessary to follow some rules when preparing it.