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We don't brag, we use them to offer you a unique espresso


Light brown streaks cut through a thick layer of hazelnut-colored cream, inviting you into an intoxicating oasis to explore, among hundreds of aromatic notes that always harmonize differently. Discover a Molisan coffee with a full-bodied character, balanced between acidity and bitterness, naturally sweet, incredibly pleasant.

For us at Camardo, every Italian espresso is a story in a cup that intersects with yours and becomes a part of it. It’s a journey where you rediscover the charm of tropical trees and skillful hands, ocean crossings, ancient rituals. A rejuvenating retreat in a jungle of daily commitments. A break to be filled as you please.

We can only afford good stories.

With this belief, we have built the Camardo philosophy of excellent coffee, based on a special alchemy between craftsmanship and industrial standards, handed-down recipes and production innovations. It animates the entire journey, from the relationship with growers to the selection of green beans, from roasting to extraction, and it arrives directly in your coffee break.

Follow us in production

How Camardo coffee is born

Uncompromising Selection

Precious varieties of Arabica and Robusta, single origins, organic and fair trade beans – we purchase from trusted growers only the samples of raw coffee that pass the uncompromising examination of our very strict selectors. Only the best beans manage to pass the check, roasting, tasting, and sensory quality verification.

Molisan Hospitality

If the selectors are uncompromising, the hospitality department is a blessing for the incoming raw coffee, which is checked, weighed, and placed in the warehouse at a controlled temperature and humidity.

Raw Repair

Before entering the heart of production, raw coffee goes through a cleaning process involving a sifter and dust remover to eliminate any impurities.

Camardo Roasting

This is where we roast the coffee according to very precise times, methods, and temperatures. Dedicated and constantly monitored roasting curves, changing depending on the type of product sought. Here is where the magic happens, and the roaster's touch makes a difference, interpreting the personality and bringing out the character of each individual bean. Those who know recognize in Camardo's roasting a gentle method, taking just the right amount of time to bring out the aromatic concentrate enclosed in every coffee entering production.

Here, we can put on airs

But only to cool the roasted coffee. Just in time to stop the heating of the bean before it's too late and produce low-moisture beans. This ensures an excellent final product yield.

Only truly roasted beans

The optical selector has been a prerogative of Camardo's production for many decades now, allowing us to create our coffees only from perfectly roasted beans without imperfections.

Family Recipes

Our coffees result from secret recipes passed down from generation to generation but also from continuous new discoveries and innovations, made up of blends, tests, tastings, and samplings. Roasting and blending are the heart of the coffee art, giving life here to the unmistakable elegant and balanced taste of Camardo, declined into different aromatic profiles, as many as our production lines.

Careful Packaging

Roasted coffee is an extremely delicate product. Air, light, heat, humidity jeopardize the aromatic and organoleptic profiles achieved during roasting. At Camardo, we have 14 packaging lines, using state-of-the-art preservation methods and packaging dedicated to each product type, as well as storage in a temperature-controlled warehouse, because it would be a real shame to ruin everything at the last moment.

Meet SLIM Camardo

Speaking of packaging, we'd like to introduce you to our hi-tech SLIM tin, 100% recyclable, highly innovative, which welcomes the coffee processed in the absence of oxygen, in a pressurized space with nitrogen, preserving the aromatic profile and freshness of the freshly roasted coffee.

Guided Diffusion

The same goes for the final part of our coffee's journey: the perfect success in the cup. That's why we dedicate so much care to the support and training of professionals and enthusiasts on extraction methods, recipes, tasting, and coffee culture.

Coffee for passion or profession?

A kept promise: our certification

At Camardo, excellence coffee is not self-celebration; it's a promise that we commit to keeping, recognized by professionals who choose us every day, enthusiasts who drink our coffees in over 22 countries worldwide, certifying bodies, and juries that award us prizes.

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