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One of the aspects that makes us happy is the quality of the relationships we build with our customers. This special connection, which goes beyond the business and human aspect, is enriched by the advice and assistance of Camardo coffee experts, who help customers from different perspectives: technical, educational, and communicative.

Dedicated technical support

We never leave the barista alone! Our team of qualified technicians has in-depth knowledge of machines and blends, works to ensure the quality of your coffee and the efficiency of your establishment, and helps you solve problems and critical issues.

Tailored consulting

Our long experience guides you in opening your café and accompanies you on your path to growth. We recommend the best coffee and equipment appropriate for your needs and help you identify the best solution for your venue.

Equipment supply service

Depending on your needs, we provide coffee machines for both large volumes and a few coffees per day so as to avoid waste. The machines are of two types, professional bean and capsule machines. At the beginning of the cooperation we also provide you with other accessories, such as slushers, cups, saucers, towels, sugar holders, towel holders, and shot glasses.

Higher Education

Training is never a given, and with our long experience and expert trainers, we guide you to enhance your skills and better manage your business.



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Merchandising and Communication

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Camardo Academy

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