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Welcome to the world of specialty coffee!

Our line of Specialty Coffee, organic, fairtrade, and 100% Arabica single origin, represents an authentic sensory journey to distant lands, where the finest Arabicas in the world come to life. Each cup of Specialty Coffee is a return to the roots, encapsulating the pristine essence of the elevated lands of the Cajamarva region in Peru, bordering Ecuador, at an impressive altitude of 1900 meters.

Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape of the Mexican state of Veracruz, renowned for its coffee production, or be captivated by the stunning cultivation areas in Honduras, spread across the high central lands at altitudes ranging from 1,500 to 1,800 meters above sea level.

Our commitment to quality begins with the careful selection of Arabica coffee beans, exclusively sourced from individual specialty-grade origins. In our laboratory, we meticulously analyze the beans to ensure that each cup offers a defect-free sensory experience, eliminating the need for added sweeteners.

Bon voyage!


Each coffee carries a unique identity, tied to its place of origin.

We have developed premium Arabica Specialty taste profiles with an iconic image that tells the story of the origin country, allowing you to select and appreciate coffee over months and years. This is achieved through careful and dedicated roasting, packaged in an innovative airtight can to preserve all aromatic and sensory characteristics.


Give your café a unique character by embracing the Specialty philosophy, offering your customers an authentic taste experience in your establishment.




Superior Quality

Specialty coffee is cultivated under specific conditions and selected with great care to ensure superior quality. These beans are often grown in certain geographical regions and treated carefully during the production process.

Origin and Traceability

Specialty coffees often indicate the exact origin of the beans, providing information about the region, plantation, and cultivation process. This traceability offers a more direct connection to the coffee's origin.

Variety of Flavors

Specialty coffee offers a wide range of unique flavors and aromas. Specialty coffee producers focus on enhancing the organoleptic characteristics, providing richer and more complex taste experiences compared to commercial coffees.


Many specialty coffee producers adopt sustainable and responsible farming practices. This can include organic cultivation, respect for local farmers, and environmental conservation.

Social Impact

Choosing specialty coffee can contribute to supporting local communities and farmers. Many specialty coffee producers work to improve the living conditions of farmers and their families.

Consumption Experience

Coffee enthusiasts often consider purchasing specialty coffee as a culinary experience. The preparation and tasting of high-quality coffee can become a moment of pleasure and appreciation.


Born in Colombia, in the pure and uncontaminated air of one of the most remote regions of the Andes Mountains. Dedicated roasting, mild acidity, balanced aftertaste, Specialty Coffee Single Origin Colombia is an authentic journey in a cup with tropical and citrusy character, and delicate notes of almond and red fruits. Packaged in a 1kg Hi-Tech tin with aroma valve.


This unique coffee is characterized by a distinctive aromatic bouquet of red fruits, while its flavor reveals enveloping nuances of citrus and chocolate. An authentic sensory discovery, this coffee captivates with its extraordinary complexity.

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Specialty Camardo travels in a recyclable hi-tech tin can, preserving the whole coffee beans from contact with oxygen, while the use of nitrogen prevents oxidation, preserving all the scents of the original land interpreted by slow roasting.


Available in 1kg, 250g, and 125g tins, Specialty Camardo is a premium line of 100% Arabica single origin coffee beans perfect for establishments of all sizes, from high-traffic cafes to lower-consumption venues.


No limits to your explorations: you can prepare Single Origin Camardo coffee beans however you like. With an espresso machine or moka, but also with the drip method for a long coffee, and with a French press.


Hazelnut, caramel, cherry, dried fruit, jasmine, orange blossoms, peach, almonds, red fruits, citrus. The medium roast and customary air cooling impart a myriad of aromas and flavors waiting to be discovered in the four distinguished Arabica single origins.


A dedicated space for high-level coffee courses open to those entering the barista profession and those looking to enhance their expertise through practical coffee courses and theoretical lessons conducted by internal expert and certified trainers of the company.


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