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Barley and Ginseng

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Hot barley

A taste?

Do you want to offer your customers the ultimate alternative to coffee? You can choose Camardo’s soluble Barley and Ginseng beverages, appreciated for their creaminess, aromatic notes, and rich beneficial properties.

Thanks to the compact and functional dispensing machine, you can prepare soluble Barley and Ginseng drinks for your customers in just a few seconds, including variations such as Red Ginseng, Bitter Ginseng, Hazelnut Ginseng, and Caramel Ginseng.

The machine is easy to clean, with the ability to disassemble all components in contact with the product. The elegant display allows you to monitor the heating cycle, restore the water level, and display the products.


All soluble beverages


Camardo Ginseng is packaged in 500g bags and is easy to prepare, thanks to the dispensing machine that allows perfect extraction of the soluble drink. A cup of Ginseng coffee is a 100% vegetable and gluten-free beverage, without hydrogenated fats and without GMOs, making it perfect for health-conscious customers. With the dispensing machine, you can prepare a full-bodied Ginseng coffee with excellent creaminess and a pleasant note of coffee and caramel or coffee and hazelnut.


Camardo soluble barley, packaged in 250g boxes, is the perfect beverage for your vegan customers, but also for those who are health-conscious. It is a drink with many energizing and beneficial properties as a cereal; it also contains carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, and minerals. With a sweet taste, our selection is prepared using the dispensing machine.


The Camardo Barley and Ginseng automatic dispenser is the perfect solution for preparing delicious Ginseng or Barley coffees. Thanks to the automatic adjustment system for water, soluble, and mixing time, the product served is of the highest quality. The machine is easy to clean, with the ability to disassemble all components in contact with the product. The elegant display allows you to monitor the heating cycle, restore the water level, and display the products.


Excellent coffee

Coffee represents the very essence of Camardo, a family heritage passed down from generation to generation with patience and deep respect for tradition. We are recipe creators, selecting and slowly roasting the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta, following a process that makes us unique to bring an authentic and pure coffee to your cup.

Coffee Academy

To enhance your business and offerings, we have created a dedicated company space for advanced training and the promotion of coffee culture with tailor-made professional courses where you can expand your skills.

Dedicated Business Services

Your commercial contact person will guide you to start, enhance, and improve your business, serving as your reference point, providing consulting, assistance, and communication services, and sharing our expertise and experience with you.

Enrich your offering with other Camardo beverages

Coffee cream

Enhance your venue's offerings with a moment of sweetness ideal for a post-meal treat or throughout the day. Camardo coffee cream made with Camardo coffee is hydrogenated fat-free, very versatile, and easy to prepare. Simply mix the contents of a sachet with water or milk and cream and pour the mixture into a cold cream machine, then serve with toppings and ingredients to create various flavors.


Fine Dutch cocoa for a hot chocolate that warms the soul. Available in Classic, Dark, and White Chocolate variants. Supplied in a box of 25 single-dose bags of 30 grams.

Cold brew

Do you want to be a trendy venue? We offer you everything you need to prepare cold-infused coffee and offer your customers soft and refreshing coffee cocktail recipes ideal for every season.


A precious mix of tea leaves, fruits, and flowers to be enjoyed one sip at a time, rich in beneficial actions. Discover the Leaf Garden line of teas, infusions, and herbal teas selected by Camardo with a display and pyramid filter.

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