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Much more than just coffee: a choice of style.

A taste?

For those aiming for a break with excellent coffee where the goodness of the raw material meets the style of an entire total black professional set, they can only be passionate about this selection of espresso bean blends. A coffee for exclusive bars where you can find the know-how and meticulous attention to quality from Caffè Camardo, along with the refined style of a professional line that dresses coffee and everything that accompanies it in an extra-luxury palette, essential lines, and contemporary design.


Top of the top - 100% Arabica

Coffee beans for a superior quality espresso in Hi-Tech packaging. Precious selections of Arabica give this blend aromatic notes of almonds, orange marmalade, and cinnamon, pleasantly balanced acidity with lingering aftertaste.

Our offer

Hi-Tech Preservation

Most Mildlight blends travel in the exclusive recyclable total black hi-tech tin with gold details, which preserves the coffee beans from contact with oxygen. The use of nitrogen prevents oxidation, preserving all the scents of the land of origin that dedicated roasting has interpreted. A choice of style and excellence also for storage and display.

Different Formats

Available in a 1 kg, 3 kg tin or 250 g tin, as well as a 1 kg bag, Mildlight is a perfect selection for establishments of all sizes, from high-traffic cafes to lower-consumption venues. All united by the desire to stand out and offer a unique coffee break in every sense.

All Types of Extraction

No limits to your explorations: you can prepare Mildlight coffee beans however you like. With an espresso or moka machine, but also with the drip method for a long coffee, and with a French press.


Excellence is made with attention to the smallest details. That's why you won't find just coffee bean blends. The Mildlight offer also includes contemporary design tools of the trade, professional clothing, and furnishings, for a unique experience of taste and style.

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