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caffè in grani camardo

Coffee Beans

If you love starting from the sensory intensity of roasted coffee beans, to taste the perfect Camardo espresso coffee.

Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee

Espresso, moka or filter coffee, each brewing method requires different sizes of coffee grinding: choose the one you prefer.

Coffee pods and capslues

Coffee pods and capsules

It’s not the shape that matters but the content: taste our Camardo Coffee blends in the handy single-serve coffee capsules.

Gourmet Products

Gourmet products

Espressito iced coffee cream, Hot Chocolate, Barley coffee and Ginseng coffee: discover our full range of hot and cold gourmet products.

Leaf Garden

Leaf Garden

Every cup of our Teas, every sip of our Herbal teas, every fragrance of our Infusions is a journey, a story, a sensation.

gift ideas


Camardo Coffee style chinaware for elegant gifts, designed with our heart. Discover our full range of products and make a special gift to your loved ones.

Coffee Shop Camardo

Un “chicco” di
Italia nel mondo


An Italian coffee bean in the world

We contributed to spreading Italian coffee culture throughout the world by opening several coffee shops, in order to pursue our mission: “promoting the espresso coffee culture worldwide”.