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We believe in the alchemy of high temperatures


Since 1951, we have been exclusively signing Excellence Coffees

Ours is a family-owned company founded on the magic of heat, growing with coffee in our heads and hearts.
We believe in the alchemy of high temperatures, the ones that create long-lasting relationships and rituals that fill spaces, welcoming without exaggeration, transforming a bean into the best coffee you can savor. Because breaks are too short to fill them with anything less than truly good coffee.

Our Mission: Provide a superior taste experience everywhere.

For those who love coffee, we want to offer consistent premium quality. We've been pursuing this mission for over seventy years by building authentic connections from tropical plantations to coffee shops worldwide.
We've developed the Camardo Method, known for the meticulous selection of the best beans, skillfully crafted blends, careful and delicate roasting, and innovative storage methods.
We teach how to recognize, prepare, and savor a true coffee excellence, both at home and outside.
Learn more about the unique Camardo method in the Caffè d’eccellenza. section

Our Dream: Wake people up to a better day, one cup at a time

Combining excellence, ethics, and sustainability in a single cup is complicated but not impossible.
Energy has never been lacking, and one coffee after another, we have achieved significant milestones.

Choosing to use only renewable sources to power the Camardo facility: 20,000 square meters in Ripalimosani, in the heart of Molise, powered exclusively by solar energy for over 15 years.
Offering a significant range of Camardo organic and fairtrade coffees from plantations of small farmers and certified organic cooperatives in Central and South America, from fair and sustainable trade. We believe strongly in this supply chain, offering solutions to those, consumers or professionals, seeking a coffee that is truly good for everyone: for those who prepare it, for those who drink it, for those who grow it, for the entire ecosystem.
We protect our blends in innovative, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and compostable packaging, such as our compostable pods and capsules, TUV Austria certified, and also fully recyclable Hi-tech cans.

Enchanting the senses, generation after generation

Take a break, if you like, and we'll tell you the most intoxicating moments of our history.

1948: The journey of an adventurous and visionary man.

A journey to South America leads Bartolomeo Camardo to discover the coffee plant. Grandfather Bartolomeo was an adventurous man, passionate about wines from Molise, an authentic and unknown land he left with a suitcase full of dreams to settle in America. There, he was enchanted by the beauty of hills rich in vegetation and intrigued by the coffee plant, its origins, and characteristics. As a visionary, he already saw the potential of this beverage. Upon his return to Italy, he transferred the creative and excellence-oriented approach of winemaking to this exotic cultivation and decided to turn it into a family specialty. His only goal was to make good coffee for himself, his family, and his dearest friends. "In front of his shop in Fondaco della Farina in the center of the city of Campobasso," remembers Giuseppe Camardo, "I remember the intense smell of freshly roasted coffee and freshly baked croissants." A passion became an art, that of blending, and the dream came true: making good coffee for everyone!

1951: From the Shop in Rome to the First Roastery in Molise

Grandfather Bartolomeo moved with his family to Rome on Via Campo Marzio and opened his first coffee shop. But soon, the nostalgia for his homeland was strong, and the Camardo family decided to return to their place of origin, becoming the coffee of Molise, an excellence coffee roasted in a region as small as an espresso cup but appreciated worldwide for its unmistakable pleasure. In the same year, the first logo of the Camardo brand was born, inspired by a painting depicting the Goddess of Luck, which was given to Cavalier Bartolomeo as a good omen for the opening of his business.

1970: Molise coffee becomes popular in Australia, Canada, and the United States

Giuseppe and Felice Camardo, Bartolomeo's sons, joined the company immediately after their studies, with new ideas and challenges: to spread the culture of quality Italian espresso worldwide. The Molise roastery thus became a production facility of about 20,000 square meters located in the industrial area of Campobasso in the street that, in 2011, would be named after Bartolomeo Camardo. It was equipped with state-of-the-art tools and consolidated know-how to export excellence coffee to over 22 countries worldwide.

1980: Industrial growth with the artisanal touch.

Continuous research and the family's desire to grow led to significant investments, such as the purchase of modern machinery, including the bi-chromatic optical sorter, which selects only perfect beans. Meanwhile, the company logo also internationalized, transitioning from a figurative logo to an oval that centralizes the family name "Camardo."

1996: One of the first coffee pods in Italy is signed by Camardo

The mission of excellence coffee involves constant and courageous research and development that often leads the company to launch products, services, and solutions ahead of market trends. In the nineties, we were among the first to believe in the coffee pod as a new way of preparing coffee, allowing everyone to have premium quality coffee quickly and easily. The success is immediate and destined to last.

1999: Birth of - the first steps toward digitization

Antonella Camardo, the third-generation businesswoman, believes in the potential of digital: "Because, like any innovation, when used wisely, it allows us to build a better future." In '99, we launched the first website in Camardo's history, designed and created by an American web expert with Molise origins. We entered the new digital world with curiosity and pioneering spirit. About 10 years later, we continued to ride the digital transformation with the first e-commerce, investing in new specialized resources, and creating an in-house digital marketing department.

2007: New logo and packaging restyling.

In anticipation of the sixtieth year of activity, we decided to update the logo with an ultra-modern four-color process that characterizes it with the iconic red Camardo. The packaging also became more minimal and innovative thanks to new investments in more technological packaging machinery, the search for more elegant materials combining glossy and satin finishes, and the involvement of food designers who redesigned the lines of the new packaging. The security of an Excellence Coffee up to the cup: the Excellence Coffee Academy opens. Always alongside coffee professionals, we decided to formalize the transfer of secrets related to preparation in a real training school. From choosing different blends to the extraction method, from coffee shop recipes to the experience of the best pairings, Camardo accompanies professionals and enthusiasts in the best coffee rituals.

2008: Camardo Coffee shops open worldwide.

Camardo's industrial growth continues with the opening in 2008 of the first branded coffee shops. One of the first is in Seoul, South Korea, becoming a place where Italian authenticity meets quality coffee, where you can taste the perfect espresso immersed in a typical Italian atmosphere.

2011: Camardo System and compatible capsules

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