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Coffee of excellence

A promise guaranteed by the Camardo method

What makes us authentic creators of excellence coffee

What makes us authentic creators of excellence coffee

A blend that makes a difference


We take all the time needed to roast our blends uniformly, with curves monitored at the best times and temperatures to enhance all aromatic profiles.


The cooling process is carried out with an exclusive air method, ensuring a higher final yield in terms of the quantity of coffee obtained.


We guarantee optimal preservation of coffee in a metal tin with an aroma valve to protect the organoleptic nuances from oxidation and aging, ensuring maximum quality and purity.


We are committed to improving the world with choices that aim at reducing environmental impact in processes and products: clean energy sources, organic and fair trade certifications, compostability.


We are a family-owned company and have grown by building authentic relationships along the entire production chain, from coffee farmers to the end customer, to offer you the best possible quality.


Reserved but incredibly welcoming, authentic, rich in history, connected to nature, full of traditions and good flavors. It's not just our land; Molise is our essence.


We are present in 22 countries worldwide, developing product solutions for an international clientele, promoting the culture of quality espresso worldwide, and offering dedicated training in our coffee academy.


A company space dedicated to high training and the enhancement of coffee culture so that every person can recognize, prepare, and appreciate true quality coffee.


Camaleonte Award Super Recommended Coffee
Camaleonte Award Product 2023/24

Molise Eccellenza

Biological and Fairtrade certifications


Camaleonte Award 2022 The first guide to Italian coffees
Gold Medal 2021 IIAC (international institute of coffee tasters)

Organic and Fairtrade certifications - Hand Picked

Double Gold Medal 2021 and 2022. Awarded as part of the International Coffee Tasting 2021, organised by the IIAC, International Institute of Coffee Tasters. Awards 4 Chameleons and Fairtrade Organic and Handpicked certifications.

Double Gold Medal 2021 and 2022 IIAC (international institute of coffee tasters)

Double Gold Medal 2021 and 2022. Assegnato nell’ambito dell’International Coffee Tasting 2021, organizzato dall’IIAC, Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori di Caffè. Premio Prodotto Camaleonte 2021 - Espresso
Menzione speciale 3 chicchi rossi
Premio assegnato dal panel della prima guida del caffè in Italia

Organic and Fairtrade certifications - Hand Picked

Chameleon Product Award 2021 - Espresso
Special Mention 4 red beans
Award given by the panel of the first coffee guide in Italy

Superior Taste Award 2022 by the International Taste Institute Brussels
TÜV Austria Compostable Certification

Superior Taste Award 2022 Prize awarded by a panel of over 200 of the best international sommeliers and chefs as part of the award conceived by the International Taste Institute of Brussels. Molise Excellence 2022 Award given by the public project sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the Molise Region, CIA Molise, Gal Molise towards 2000, CNA Molise, Confesercenti of Campobasso, and awarded to Molise production excellences capable of embodying the values of their territory.

Follow us in production



Inflexible selectors for a flawless raw material
Our journey begins with the selection of coffee. Only the best beans make it. In fact, if you look around, here you can see: precious varieties of Arabica and Robusta, single origins, beans of organic and fair trade origin from the most important producers in the world in Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia.


An expert team for checking and cleaning incoming beans
Selected green coffee samples arrive at the company, where they are checked, roasted, and tasted. Here you can meet our team that evaluates their sensory qualities. Once the correspondence of the bean with the sample is verified, we store the coffee in a warehouse at controlled temperature and humidity. It is from here that the raw coffee is taken and cleaned with a sifting and dusting machine, capable of eliminating any impurities from the bean.


Camardo method roasting, where magic happens
This is where we roast coffee according to precise times, methods, and temperatures. Here you can see the skill of the roaster that makes a difference, interpreting the personality and bringing out the character of each individual bean. Those who know recognize in Camardo roasting a dedicated roasting method that takes all the time to bring out the aromatic concentrate enclosed in each coffee.


We don't give ourselves airs, we use them to offer you a unique coffee
After the roasting time, follow the coffee in the cooling phase, which is rigorously done with air, in order to obtain beans with a low level of moisture, for excellent final yield.


Second level of selection for the Camardo raw material
In this phase, you can see our optical selector in action, which scans each roasted bean for shape, color, and size, keeping only perfectly roasted and flawless beans.


Recipes handed down for a family art
We have almost reached the end of our journey, but it is a crucial moment because here we put into practice the art of blending, the result of decades of experience and a strong commitment to continuous improvement. Here the Camardo family creates the secret recipes of their blends, only after careful trials and tastings, they manage to obtain the perfect, elegant, balanced taste of Camardo Coffee.


Packages designed to hold a treasure of aromatic profiles
Roasted coffee is an extremely delicate product that continues to emit carbon dioxide after roasting. It is important, therefore, to release excess carbon dioxide but at the same time preserve the aromas, protecting the coffee from air, light, heat, and humidity. In this phase, you can see fourteen automated packaging lines and various types of packaging (tin cans, bags with one-way valve) that allow the perfect preservation of coffee until the preparation moment.


Camardo Coffee is ready for the journey, destination cup
In this phase, you can see all the packages of Camardo Coffee stored in our warehouse at a controlled temperature and zenithal lighting, for energy savings and extra attention in terms of environmental sustainability. From here, the coffee will start its journey to cups around the world, always accompanied by training, assistance, and the dissemination of Camardo coffee culture to professionals and enthusiasts, ensuring the perfect success of our excellence coffee.




In Camardo, excellence coffee is not self-celebration but a promise that we commit to keeping, and it is recognized by professionals who choose us every day, enthusiasts who drink our coffees in over 22 countries worldwide, certifying bodies, juries that award us prizes.

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