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A selection made from hand-picked coffee beans from plantations of small farmers and cooperatives certified organic and Fairtrade for coffee consumption that is good in every sense. 100% Arabica coffee beans packaged in high-tech tins, but also blends dedicated to home consumption for the most sustainability-conscious customers. A line of organic coffee for bars that is perfect if you want to offer a superior taste experience while respecting people and the planet.

Organic, Fair Trade, and Handpicked Coffee

Good coffee for you, for farmers, and for nature. Selection of organic, fair trade, and handpicked coffee.

Certified organic fair trade handpicked coffee beans 1kg

100% Arabica coffee beans certified organic and Fairtrade, for an even more sustainable coffee from smallholder plantations and organic cooperatives in Central and South America. A smooth, balanced organic blend with a rich floral flavour and a lingering fruity finish.

Coffee for Nature Bio Fairtrade and Handpicked 250g ground

The Capsule Collection Caffè per Natura®️is dedicated to nature and local traditions is a line of four premium blends created with respect for ethical values and the environment. Made with premium quality Fairtrade and organic beans.

Compostable Bio E.S.E. Pod

Certified organic coffee in E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pods made of compostable material for a perfect espresso at home, good for you and the environment. 18 pods of 100% Arabica coffee with a sweet and aromatic taste made with beans from organic farming and Fairtrade chain produced in respect of ethical values and the environment.

Choose your moment, discover coffee for nature

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A certified choice

Our commitment to more sustainable coffee cultivation for the environment and those who grow it is certified by independent bodies, ensuring compliance with requirements such as the absence of chemical fertilizers and the improvement of the living conditions of coffee farmers.


Camardo's organic and fair trade coffee is truly good, even for the palate. It is praised by experts who have awarded it a Special Mention in “Camaleonte” (the first coffee guide in Italy) for the espresso category in beans. And the Gold Medal 2021 from IIAC (International Institute of Coffee Tasters).


Camardo Bio Organic travels in a recyclable hi-tech tin, preserving coffee beans from contact with oxygen. The use of nitrogen prevents oxidation, preserving all the aromas of the original land, interpreted by dedicated roasting. An excellent choice also considering storage and display.


This choice allows all coffee professionals not only to be part of a more sustainable and virtuous supply chain but also to differentiate themselves from competitors and to position themselves as a business that cares about people and the environment, gaining a competitive advantage and reputation benefits.


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