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Do you have a café?

Energize it with a true excellence coffee.

Enter the Camardo world.

We have created a complete range of products and services designed to offer customers in your café an experience of excellence.

Our knowledge and experience have come together to offer you the best coffees for cafés with blends featuring different aromatic profiles in the format you prefer, tailored to meet the tastes of your customers.

Whatever your café model, together we can offer a superior taste experience!

Discover our selected offer.

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What we can offer

Excellence in Coffee

Coffee represents the very essence of Camardo, a family heritage that we pass down from generation to generation with patience and deep respect for tradition. We are creators of recipes, carefully selecting and slowly roasting the best varieties of arabica and robusta through a process that makes us unique to bring an authentic and pure coffee to your cup.

Coffee Academy

To enhance your business and your offer, we have created a dedicated company space for advanced training and the promotion of coffee culture with tailor-made professional courses where you can expand your skills.

For Every Taste

From a wide range of products, coffee, chocolate, ginseng, barley, tea, and infusions, coffee cream, to various packaging options and dedicated services, our complete range of solutions allows us to collaborate with every partner to create the best combination of products and services.

Business Dedicated Services

Your commercial representative will guide you in initiating, enhancing, and improving your business. They will be your reference point, offering consulting, assistance, and communication services, while sharing our expertise and experience with you.

Take the first step; we'll take care of the rest.



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