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A Taste of Authentic Italian Flair
in Your Coffee.

A Taste?

We are thrilled to introduce our new line, “Italian Selection,” a collection of coffee blends that share a passion for Italian flair. We want to share with you the meaning and passion that drove us to create this unique delicacy. Each cup of coffee tells a story of Italian authenticity, quality, and tradition.

Designed for those who want to offer a space of Italian excellence in their coffee offerings, this selection features premium beans and ground coffee in various sizes, from a kilogram to 250 grams, with designer packaging and blended according to our original recipe.

Authentic Italian Selection

A selection of 1 kg coffee beans with two blends featuring different aromatic notes, perfect for an authentic Italian breakfast.

Traditional Selection

We draw inspiration from the ancient Italian art of roasting, continuing a tradition deeply rooted in our culture. The line of ground coffee for moka and other extraction methods in a 250g vacuum pack is created with care and attention. The slow roasting, following the ancient tradition, occurs without aggressing the product. Just open the package, and the aroma of freshly ground coffee will make you smile with joy.

The Selection

We are inspired by the ancient Italian art of roasting, carrying on a tradition that has deep roots in our culture. The 250g vacuum-packed line of ground coffee for mocha and other types of extraction is created with care and attention, roasting, as per ancient tradition, is done slowly and without attacking the product. Just open the package and the scent of freshly ground aroma will make you smile with happiness.

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Excellence Coffee

Fine raw materials treated and selected according to the strictest quality standards but processed with heart and an unmistakable artisan spirit, following recipes matured over 70 years of experience. A treasure stored in packages that ensure perfect preservation and success in the cup.

Ideal for Home Consumption

The Italian Selection vacuum-sealed line is a wide range of different blends ideal for customers who want to introduce a range for home coffee consumption.

Variety of Choices

The Italian Selection line is perfect for every moment of the day and for different types of consumers: beans for true masters who grind at home and follow the latest extraction trends, and vacuum-sealed ground coffee for moka lovers. All solutions are available in different sizes of 250g, 500g, and 1 kg, with many different flavors.

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