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Many profiles, same cup


We can be long, short, strong, correct, we have very different profiles, yet, if you look closely, in the end, we all resemble each other. We are a circle of people who nurture a healthy, genuine, visceral passion for that small but great alchemy called coffee. Some have turned it into a profession, others into a daily parenthesis, some rush through it, while others savor every sip. Some use it as an excuse, and some as a destination. But all the Coffee Faces, can recognize a true excellence coffee.

That's why we decided tocelebrate them on the packages of different blends and single origins by Camardo.

Let us introduce them to you.


Devoted to the cult of the Coffee Goddess, the Alchemist believes in the magic of the right temperatures. Continually seeking excellence in raw materials, they even give up coffee if it doesn't meet their expectations. Demanding but extremely welcoming, they stand out for a refined, gentle, harmonious, and balanced profile that rarely goes unnoticed.


A deep connoisseur of natural cycles and the people who animate the entire supply chain, the Sage believes in good coffee for everyone: for those who produce it, for those who prepare it, for those who drink it, for the land that gives it life. A respectful coffee guaranteed by a certified organic and fair-trade supply chain. Aiming for continuous improvement, they never stop for a second, and when they do, it's to recharge with a cup of organic coffee. Visionary but extremely concrete, they stand out for a lively and generous profile.


They can give up many things, but not coffee, their life companion, a ritual they consume in every possible and imaginable way, in intimacy and in company, for breakfast, after dinner, at home, in the office, at the bar. More than drinking coffee, the Passionate intoxicates themselves with aromas, caresses cups, savors every single drop. Demanding, attentive, they stand out for a floral and voluptuous profile.


An tireless traveler, naturally curious, extremely knowledgeable, the Selector is a great connoisseur of the virtues and flaws of coffee at every stage of its journey from the drupe to the cup. Despite the rigor with which they choose the raw material and experiment with new blends, they stand out for a wild, continually wandering profile.


They explore the world through taste buds, love discovering the worlds enclosed in each blend and each single origin; the Purist doesn't just drink coffee, they go through it note after note. An experienced taster, extremely cultured, they stand out for a balanced and harmonious profile. A poise that is only lost if you dare to ask, "how much sugar?"


Sweet-toothed and convivial, the Sweet-tooth lives coffee as a moment of palate indulgence, often shared with friends at the bar or at the table. Preferably with sugar, but also stained or corrected, they often pair it with chocolates, cream, or other delights. Cheerful and sociable, they stand out for a delightfully aromatic profile.


A knowledgeable expert, constantly supported and updated, the Master presides over coffee rituals with great professionalism. Empathetic, attentive, they know what to do and how to do it. With an iron memory and skillful hands, they stand out for a refined but never snobbish profile.


Intense, curious, exclusive, the Gourmet aims for superior quality and unusual aromatic profiles. They love to compare themselves with those who know about it and can guide them towards new taste experiences. Demanding but always smiling, they stand out for an overwhelming and decisive profile.


Great compatibility and incredible freshness, impeccable hands and espresso like at the bar, maybe in many different aromatic profiles; the Dandy seeks maximum elegance in extraction and perfect success in the cup, even when they can't order it and have to do it themselves. They seek practicality but do not give up excellence. Refined and perfectionist, they stand out for a practical and creamy profile.


Eclectic, sociable, generous, the Broker brings everyone together, solving the eternal dilemma between espresso and moka, with a solution for every cup. They live perfectly alone but do not disdain matches based on milk. They can be intense but also delicate and stand out for a balanced and naturally sweet profile.

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