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Thinking Sustainable

Thinking Sustainable

Thinking sustainable

Sustainability is a fundamental priority for Caffè Camardo.

We are dedicated to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices throughout the entire coffee production chain. By purchasing green coffee, we ensure the quality of our coffee and traceability in the production chain, also contributing to the well-being of local communities through the purchase of certified organic and fair-trade products. Additionally, we are committed to adopting recyclable packaging to minimize waste and promote recycling, also certified by organizations attesting to its compostability. On our product packaging, you will find clear instructions for proper disposal, helping you make more sustainable choices.


Good coffee for you, for growers, and for nature. Selection of Organic and Fairtrade coffees. Our natural vocation for good things has led us to create Coffee For Nature®, the new line of Ground Coffee certified Organic and Fairtrade inspired by the balance between Man and Nature, Molise, and the four primordial elements of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Each blend tells the stories of hidden beauties and ancient rituals of a reserved land like Molise.


We have always been sensitive to embracing transformations and innovations that allow us to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and support sustainable consumption. We use photovoltaic plants that can meet the entire energy needs of the company. This has allowed us to reduce emissions by about 170 tons of carbon dioxide per year, for a total of over 2 million kg of CO2. We were one of the first companies to launch certified compostable and biodegradable capsules, which can be separated in organic waste, allowing you to enjoy a zero-impact espresso. But we don't feel we've arrived; on the contrary, we believe we can do even more through our daily commitment and, above all, together with you. Let's make a better world possible, let's produce and consume sustainably.


This polyptych of blends is born from the roasting of precious beans from plantations cultivated according to the sustainable cycle of Nature and in respect of the coffee farmer and their work, which is remunerated at a price that never falls below a certain threshold. Each blend is exclusive and enhanced by the Camardo Roasting method, strictly following our production standards that minimize the impact on the environment through sustainable and cutting-edge technological processes.


Compostable capsules, compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio® machines, offer the complete experience of authentic Italian espresso. This is possible thanks to exceptional coffee blends from the best origins, roasted with care, origin by origin. For Caffè Camardo, transforming coffee consumption into a sustainable habit is a fundamental commitment. This challenge has allowed us to become a reference point in the coffee category, both in Italy and internationally. Our compostable capsules, compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio® machines for home use, are made of biodegradable materials and can be disposed of in organic waste collection. Using them is a conscious gesture towards the environment.


Today, something is changing. A company has the responsibility and duty to sensitize people to new consumption methods that preserve the beauty of the world we live in. Make sustainable consumption possible and choose our 100% Compostable pods; they can be disposed of in organic waste, decompose naturally, and become compost for a new life.

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