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Caffè Per Natura®️

Enjoy your moment with the Organic and Fairtrade blends dedicated to Molise.

Coffee in Harmony with Nature

Four brand-new blends of 100% Organic and Fairtrade Premium Coffee.


Our natural vocation for good things has led us to create “Caffè Per Natura” ,

 the new line of Organic Ground Coffee certified Fairtrade and Handpicked,  ispirata all’equilibrio tra Uomo e Natura, al Molise e ai quattro elementi primordiali of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

Caffè Camardo responds to new consumer needs by diversifying its blends and creates a selection of premium coffee that encapsulate the seventy-year experience of the ancient roastery.


“We relied on our experience but also on new insights to create a selection of blends that would meet everyone’s taste.” Antonella Camardo.


Molise, the land to which we dedicate the four new Organic and Fairtrade blends

Let yourself be guided by the beauties of Molise and choose a premium coffee made naturally. Each blend tells the stories of hidden beauties and ancient rituals of a reserved land like Molise.

Moment of Air

Smooth, Floral, and Fruity. Breathe positively and savor the aroma of mountain coffee. Try it Now.

Moment of Fire

Velvety with a hint of roasted flavor. Charge up with energy and enjoy your coffee to restart. Try it Now.

Moment of Water

Enveloping with sweet notes of cocoa. Get excited until the last drop of coffee. Try it Now.

Moment of Earth

Intense with a hint of ripe fruit. Ground yourself in the present and drink coffee with primordial pleasure. Try it Now.

The Man-Nature Relationship

Revived in Four Premium Coffee Blends Human life depends on Nature, and the progress created in modern life undermines this delicate and crucial Man-Nature relationship. Our reflection on Nature, the nature that blooms and sprouts expressing itself in all its purity and beauty, has led us to a small truth: to make a better world possible, we must transform ourselves and change how we conceive the relationship between Human Being and Nature. Caffè per Natura represents, for the person, the possibility to indulge, through a cup of coffee, in a moment of encounter between their emotions and nature.

Four jars illustrated as works of art

Conceived as works of art, the jars are adorned with original illustrations inspired by Molise and created by two young designers. Our exclusive Premium line is carefully packaged in a modern, high-tech can designed to preserve the aroma of coffee. Our packaging process is designed so that ground coffee never comes into contact with air; we use nitrogen so that the coffee does not oxidize and retains its original freshness.

An Organic, Natural, and Environmentally Friendly Coffee

This polyptych of blends is born from the roasting of precious beans from plantations cultivated according to the sustainable cycle of Nature and in respect of the coffee farmer and their work, which is remunerated at a price that never falls below a certain threshold. Each blend is exclusive and enhanced by the Camardo Roasting method, strictly following our production standards that minimize the impact on the environment through sustainable and cutting-edge technological processes.

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