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Organic Coffee, Ethical and Handpicked
Organic Coffee, Ethical and Handpicked

If you're seeking more than just coffee – a choice rooted in ethics and environmental sustainability – you've found it here. Our selection of organic, fairtrade, and handpicked coffee is cultivated with environmental respect, meeting certified standards. It comes from cooperatives of small coffee farmers involved in fair and ethical trade, making Camardo's organic coffee good for you and good for nature.

Camardo Organic Coffee: A Choice of Excellence for Sustainable Flavor

For coffee enthusiasts in search of a unique and sustainable experience, Camardo Organic Coffee is the answer. Our organic line is Fairtrade certified, ensuring a conscious choice for both you and the environment.


Organic and Fairtrade Cultivation

Our Organic Coffee comes from certified organic and sustainable cultivations. Grown with care and handpicked on dedicated farms, our coffee adheres to rigorous European standards, ensuring an eco-friendly production process.


Exclusive Washed Arabica Coffee Blends

Our exclusive blends of Washed Arabica Coffee are air-roasted to perfection, meeting Specialty-grade standards. Available in various options to suit your palate, we choose defect-free coffee beans, analyzed in our lab, eliminating the need for added sweetness.

A sustainable and supportive choice

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