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Coffee Pods
Coffee Pods

Here you'll find a selection of 44mm E.S.E. coffee pods made of compostable paper, ready to use. These single-serving excellence coffee blends offer a perfect cup with convenience and ease of use, combined with a commitment to the environment.

Compostable E.S.E. Pods

Caffè Camardo’s E.S.E. coffee pods are convenient portions of ground coffee, designed for compatibility with the best coffee machines equipped with the pod system.

Each single-serving pod contains a perfect amount of roasted and ground coffee, individually sealed in a pouch to preserve the aroma and freshness of premium coffee.

Caffè Camardo’s pod packages offer a variety of high-quality blends to satisfy diverse tastes, thanks to careful selection of raw materials and meticulous processing in our roasting facility. Moreover, Camardo’s coffee pods are biodegradable and compostable, making them suitable for organic waste disposal.

With Caffè Camardo’s pods, you can effortlessly and quickly prepare a coffee as good as the one from your favorite café.

Compostable and Sustainable Pods

Caffè Camardo’s coffee pods are compostable, minimizing the environmental impact of your coffee consumption.

Choosing Caffè Camardo’s E.S.E. compostable pods allows you to enjoy your coffee break while contributing to environmental conservation. Make the conscious choice of quality coffee that respects the environment.

Blends of Compostable Coffee Pods

Within our pod range, you can discover different blends based on your preferred taste. Options include the Gran Caffè Cremoso blend with its toasted hazelnut and cocoa flavor, the Gran Crema Intenso with its full and enveloping taste to kick-start your day, the 100% Arabica bio-organic for a light and low-caffeine option, and many more flavors waiting to be explored.

Explore Alternatives Beyond Pods

If you’re interested in purchasing coffee capsules in addition to pods, head to the Capsules section. For those interested in products like ground coffee or coffee beans, click on the Ground and Beans section.

Compostable E.S.E. Pods

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