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#CoffeeSchool: the moka, a great classic.

Simple lines and great ingenuity, that’s the moka, invented in Italy in the ’30s and become the symbol of Italian home coffee worldwide. Its name derives from the city of Moca, which was an important coffee market in Yemen, on the shores of the Red Sea.

Since the 1930s, various types of moka have been created, but its structure and operation remain unchanged. The moka consists of three elements: the boiler, the base to contain water, the funnel filter to hold ground coffee, and finally, the collector that receives the ready beverage. To prepare coffee with the moka, the pressure exerted by heat is used to filter water to the collector, obtaining a fragrant and flavorful coffee.

Water, ground coffee, moka on the stove… a true ritual that repeats every morning in our homes, with its unmistakable sounds and aromas.

Making coffee with the moka is simple, and with some small adjustments, you can achieve a perfect coffee:

  1. Fill the moka base with cold water up to the valve level.
  2. Insert the funnel filter and fill it with your preferred Camardo ground blend.
  3. Be careful not to press the coffee.
  4. Ensure that the gasket and filter are in place.
  5. Screw the two parts of the moka.
  6. Place the moka on the stove, using a gentle flame.
  7. Turn off the flame as soon as the coffee has risen and remove the moka from the stove. This allows extracting only the finest characteristics of coffee.
  8. Stir the coffee with a spoon directly in the moka.

A tip: wash your moka only with hot water and let it air dry before screwing it back together.

There you have it!

You will have obtained a coffee rich in aromas and with that classic taste that makes you feel at home. Making coffee with the moka requires only small acts of care, along with your favorite Camardo blend: if you love traditional coffee, we recommend our historic Espresso Oro blend; if you desire premium coffee, you can choose our iconic Caribbean Master Baristas jar; if you prefer organic coffee, try our Fairtrade-certified Arabica Bio Organic. A moka for every palate!


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