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Why do Italians celebrate Ferragosto?

Ferragosto is an Italian traditional celebration, with ancient origins.

Did you know that this term comes from Latin Feriae Augusti, meaning “the rest of Augustus”, and it was a day of holiday established by Emperor Augustus in 18 B.C.

During the same period, there were also holidays after the end of agricultural works, called Consualia, a well-deserved rest after the efforts in the fields. The celebrations included horse races and the modern Italian term “Pali ” comes from Latin “palium”, i.e. a fine cloth that was given to the winner of the competition.

Originally Ferragosto was celebrated on 1th of August, but with the arrival of the Christian religion it was moved to the 15th of August, day celebrating the Assumption of Mary in Heaven.

Italians love this holiday because for the majority of the population it coincides with the period of vacation from work. It’s generally a day of picnics in the mountains, at the sea or wherever you want, with family or friends.

A day of relax and joy, on which Camardo coffee gives the best of itself in cafés, restaurants or accommodation facilities. We wish you a beautiful Ferragosto!