Two Gold Medals for Caffè Camardo

This year we participated in the most prestigious competition in the coffee sector, the International Coffee Tasting 2021, organized by the IIAC, International Coffee Tasting Institute , where 327 coffees from 10 Countries were evaluated with the scientific method. At the IIAC Hub Coffee Lab, from 18th November to 3rd December 2021, different sensory tests were carried out on the competing coffees.

We can finally announce with great satisfaction that our company has been awarded two Gold Medals, intended only for coffee that were rated more than 85 points. Our 100% Arabica Bio and 100% Arabica Master Baristi both obtained the gold medal.

It is a great joy for our whole company to share with the people who daily choose our coffee this important goal, which represents the symbol of the dedication and love that the whole team of our family has carried on in their work for 70 years.

Today we celebrate this prestigious award and we dedicate it to our Molise, to all the people who continue to choose quality above all, and with immense pride to all the people who believe in our values.