taste training

Taste training: the 5Ms rule

The “secret” of our success is the constant research of excellent quality of our product in every stage of production. This effort would be ineffective if there lacked a professional barista who can prepare a pefect espresso coffee cup. For this reason, our training focuses on the “5 Ms” rule:

  • Blend (Miscela)
  • Grinder (Macinadosatore)
  • Coffee Machine (Macchina espresso)
  • Creative Skills (Mano dell’operatore)
  • Maintenance (Manutenzione)

In 2016 we started our ACademia Master Baristi®, with the aim of promoting coffee culture trough our theoretical and practical training. Passion, art and knowledge join thanks to our four generations experience and more than 20 years training courses offered to our clientele.