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The topic of sustainability is increasingly at the centre of our daily lives. Every day we are all brought into play to ensure that future generations can meet their needs in terms of environmental resources.

We at Camardo Coffee have always cared about the environment and the love for our earth has driven us to find more sustainable solutions: since 2009, the photovoltaic systems in our plant cover all our production energy needs.

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Our support for the environment does not end here!

The highest industrial standards, the most advanced technologies, the constant update of plants and production techniques, allow us to offer not only a very high quality coffee, but also a wide range of ORGANIC and FAIRTRADE coffee that respects nature and people. Our organic coffee lines are made with fine natural Arabica beans, selected and washed, coming from plantations of small farmers and certified organic cooperatives in Central and South America, which belong to the fair trade circuit.

An awareness of the environment that surrounds us can be a stimulus to rethink our habits in a sustainable way.

We also think sustainable with our low environmental impact packaging.


Camardo Coffee invests in technology and innovation to produce products packaged in sustainable, low environmental impact packaging.

Our pods and capsules are environment friendly because they can be disposed in the organic waste thanks to the compostability certification obtained from TUV Austria.

In addition to pods, Camardo Coffee has introduced new capsules compatible with the most popular systems, Nespresso*®, Dolce Gusto*®and Lavazza A Modo Mio*® .

All our new products respond to Camardo Coffee’s willingness to move more and more towards sustainable production and consumption, in respect of the environment and of the individual.

Today with Camardo Coffee you can think sustainable at home with the new Caffè per Natura line, but also at the bar, with the new BIO ORGANIC blend certified Organic and awarded with the Gold Medal IIAC 2021

caffè bio fairtrade 100% arabica in grani caffè Camardo

Become the protagonist of a better future with Camardo Coffee!

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