People, the real great value of a company

We love welcoming personally all those who visit us every day, and we would like to give you a genuine welcome through our front office, one of the most important points of our company for internal organisation and contact with the public.

Here, for 40 years, there’s been Antonietta, the historical face and gentle voice of Caffè Camardo.

She is the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening, she contributes every day, with sincere affection and passion, to keep relations alive and the quality level of our service to the public always high.

She is authentic and kind, and for us she embodies the meaning of elegance and discretion, both in her manners and in her spirit. Over the years she has accompanied us through great challenges and she is a reassuring presence for all of us.

Welcome to Caffè Camardo