Molise region exists and it is among the 2020 must-see destinations of New York Times

Waking up with this sunrise while sipping a good cup of coffee. Who wouldn’t like to wake up like this?

“If you’re in search of untrammeled, traditional Italy, you’ve found it. Never heard of Molise? Don’t be embarrassed. Even many Italians haven’t been to this region in south-central Italy. But those who make the pilgrimage have discovered one of the most spectacular parts of the country and its youngest region.” The New York times invites readers from all over the world to visit Molise, our region, surprisingly included in the list of must-see destinations of 2020.

Rich in traditions and landscapes, from the archaeological area of Altilia-Sepino to the mountains of Campitello Matese to the woods of Capracotta, until the coast of Termoli, without forgetting the “tratturi”, symbols of Transhumance; and also traditional events like the ‘Ndocciata in Agnone and Corpus Domini in Campobasso. The American journalist pays tribute to the authenticity of Molise, a region with natural and timeless beauty.

Our company is aware of the luck we have in being able to work and live in such a precious land. Not by chance, but a dream strongly wanted by Mr Bartolomeo Camardo, who wanted to add prestige to his territory. And so, for four generations, we have been committed to give value to our land, doing our best to promote Molise beyond our national and international borders.

And we are so proud to see that in the past few years Molise has got the attention and the awards it deserves.
We invite you to visit our region and we are waiting for you here at our company, to sip a good cup of coffee together. Camardo coffee.