Making a dream come true

Our adventure beyond national borders began in the 1970s with Giuseppe and Felice Camardo, when few people believed in the possibility of spreading the culture of quality Italian espresso around the world.

Over the years, step by step, we have consolidated our presence abroad in more than 20 countries, and on this journey we are accompanied by Roberto, our Export Manager, who has been transmitting the quality of our coffee and our knowledge for 30 years. In his heart carries the identity and values ​​of our company, to which it is strongly connected.

Roberto began this adventure when digital communication was still rare, when communication was analog: the warmth of shaking hands, the intensity of looking into each other’s eyes, gestures that cancel any cultural distance. His vision and his deep knowledge of the sector allow us to cope with the constant changes in the markets, the art of knowing how to get in touch with others and the skill of the strategist make him the ideal manager 😉

Like a curious explorer, during his travels he captures the transformations of the sector and observes new habits and trends. His long stories after returning from his trips represent life experiences that open us to change, that make us stronger and push us to do better and better.

In the same way he has become an ambassador of our culture, helping to keep the perception of the Caffè Camardo brand always high. He is for us the keeper of our great dream: allowing anyone in the world to drink an authentic Italian coffee.