Let’s go back to the #theatre – Camardo Coffee still sponsoring the show “Il delitto Matteotti” (Matteotti’s crime)

Emotions and applause at the Savoia Theatre for “My name is storm”.

The staging of the second program of the show that has returned to animate the city of Campobasso has come to an end.

Written by the journalist Carmen Sepede, directed by Emanuele Gamba and produced by the Association ‘Act’, in co-production with the Foundation Molise culture, the show has brought to the stage one of the great historical events of the twentieth century: the kidnapping and murder, which occurred on 10 June 1924, of the Deputy and Secretary of the Unitary Socialist Party, Giacomo Matteotti, killed by a group of fascist squads.

A few days before the murder, on 30 May, in his last speech to the Chamber, Matteotti had harshly attacked Benito Mussolini, denouncing the electoral fraud and beatings of the elections of 6 April 1924 that had brought to power the Fascist Party. Parallel to his political activity, as a journalist, Matteotti had uncovered an even more controversial affair: the alleged bribes paid by the American company Sinclair Oil in order to obtain the concession for oil drilling in Italy.

This new initiative has certainly been an opportunity for reflection and discussion for all citizens.

Promoting the most diverse forms of art and organizations that contribute to the creative development of the territory has always been in the modus operandi of Camardo Coffee.