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The origins of Tea are lost in the mists of time. Ancient legends tell it was the emperor Shen Nung, in 2.700 BC, who discovered tea by noticing how tea leaves, accidentally fallen into hot water, gave off a pleasant aroma; when tasting it, the infusion turned out to be very good.
Tea was introduced in Japan by Buddhist monks around 1200 AC; having tea became a true cult as well as an important ritual of union and hospitality. Known to the Arabs since the 9th century, tea spread across Europe during the 17th century, thanks to Portuguese and Dutch merchants, while it was also succeeding in Russia.
In England tea arrived later, but it is welcomed with enthusiasm, so much that since the 18th century Britain has become the home of the most important tea drinkers in the whole West.

Leaf Garden is born from our love for quality, it is our fine line of Teas, Infusions and Herbal Teas which tells the story of a journey that began centuries ago. Every cup of our Teas, every sip of our Infusions, every fragrance of our Herbal teas is a journey, a story, a sensation, a search for emotions.

It’s tea time!
… a ritual, a moment of meditation, individual research, a moment to express yourself, a moment to be yourself.
This is the world of Leaf Garden …a world made for you!