International Coffee Day

A day to celebrate coffee begins with a story made of people.

Behind the simple and daily gesture of a coffee cup, there is a life dedicated to work and love for coffee.

We chose to celebrate the International Coffee Day by telling you a beautiful story, the first of a series that will feature the people who make the Camardo company grow every day.

Let’s start with the owners. The entrepreneur Giuseppe Camardo who followed the footsteps of his father Bartolomeo together with his brother Felice, and then there is the lively and creative female part of the company, their daughters Antonella,  Alessandra, and Cinzia.

Good people, of marked humanity and sensitivity, who continue to live where they were born, proud of being from Molise, who with perseverance, joy, sacrifice and hope do what they truly love: creating the taste of an authentic and good coffee for themselves and for other people, following what their soul commands them, to continue to give life to the Company.