In the heart of our coffee lies a story made up of people

Once upon a time there was a silent, attentive and careful man with an extraordinary gift, knowing how to read and understand the coffee bean: the Master Roaster.


The fascinating story behind one of the secrets of roasting, is the invisible link between the bean and the master roaster.


Through the wise use of his senses, the roaster establishes an empathic contact with the coffee bean.

He observes and follows the transformation of the bean in its weight and appearance, through his eyes he recognizes the perfect colour that a Camardo coffee bean must have to express itself in all its taste and uniqueness; he establishes the perfect roasting time.


A man who recognizes the value of new technologies, but who trusts first of all to his senses, because he knows that the machine can never replace the importance, understanding and knowledge of the human being.


Massimo manages to bring out the treasure of the Camardo coffee bean.


His commitment is admirable, his experience enhances the quality of our raw materials and his affection to our company is exemplary.