Gulfood 2019: a spectacular edition

We came back full of enthusiasm from the international trade fair Gulfood, which was held from 17th to 21st February 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Center. The event, at its XIV edition, is a reference point in the food & beverage sector and it is certainly the most important agri-food fair in Middle East.

5.000 exhibitors, 120 pavilions, 1 million square meters and 8 fields represented: these are the numbers of Gulfood, with very high opportunities to generate business.

Gulfood is also where the World Cezve/Ibrik Championship took place. It is an ancient coffee extraction method that dates back to XV century and it is commonly known as Turkish coffee, widespread in Eastern Europe, North Africa and Middle East. A small kettle with a wide base allows you to boil water and ground coffee together, to get a thick, tasty coffee, to which spices con be added.

In 2019 Gulfood also presented innovations and news: the Gulfood Innovation Summit, full of insights and debates held by different top players of the F&B sector. This year there was also Tastes of the World, an international competition of starred chefs.

Caffè Camardo moine also this edition, where our company presented our news to a high-profile international audience. In particular, we got the attention of the Arabian public thanks to the perfect espresso and latte art show we held with our professional trainers.