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Cookie Policy

Camardo S.p.a., in your capacity as owner of the Personal Data Processing, in person of the legal representative pro tempore, under the terms and effects of the REG. EU 679/2016 Informs you that this present site uses the following cookies:1

  1. Functional – These cookies allow some parts of the site to work properly and are stored within the browser; you can delete them or disable their reception, but it could compromise the functionality of some website services. The user can change the cookie reception setting by changing the cookie’s storage settings as described in the “How do I disable cookies?” section of this policy;

  2. Analytics – Google Analytics is a free Google web analytics tool that primarily collects information (such as data about the pages you visit, the time spent on the site, the way the site was reached, and everything what the user clicked while browsing through our pages) anonymously and report website trends without identifying individual visitors. Please find below the link where you can get information about the data processing and, possibly, proceed with deactivation.

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Privacy Policy:



For any specific technical request, you can contact the controller via e-mail address: [email protected] or by mail to: Camardo S.p.a.– Via Bartolomeo Camardo N.2 – 86025 Ripalimosani (CB).

1What are cookies?

Cookies are text strings exchanged between a website and the user’s browser, whenever you access an Internet site. These strings, which do not contain any executable code, are used for different tasks, such as performing automatic authentication, tracking sessions, storing information to improve the navigability of the site, or the experience of user navigation. Each domain visited through a browser can set one or more cookies. An Internet page can contain objects that come from many different domains, and each of them can set cookies (in this case called “third parties”). Using cookies improves the website browsing experience and can maintain the settings you have chosen during your next visit.

The General Order of the Privacy Authority (GU 126 of 3 June 2014) defines two types of cookies:

Technical cookies – Used for the sole purpose of allowing the transmission of a communication, completing a service requested by the user or carrying out statistical research.

Profiling Cookies – Used to record a user’s behavior and his expressed preferences in order to send advertisements in line with their profile.