Cold Brew: much more than cold coffee

In the collective imagination coffee is the classic hot drink with ita unmistakable scent and enveloping aroma. In the summertime espresso or moka do not go on holiday and, next to traditional coffee extraction methods, one of the latest trends is cold coffee extraction, known as Cold Brew (from English brew= infusion) or Cold Drip.

Cold extraction should not be confused with classic Italian cold coffee, i.e. espresso coffee or moka coffee left to cool, adding ice or almond milk.

Cold Brew needs long extraction time, between 8 and 12 hours. To get this kind of drink you use an instrument called Toddy, composed of a glass part that contains cold water, a central part where ground coffee is placed, and a part where coffee comes down drop by drop (from which the name cold drip).

The first cold extraction experiments date back to the 60s, operated by the American chemist Todd Simpson (hence the name of the cold brew tool, Toddy). This scientist did experiments to allow his wife, who had gastric problems, to drink coffee with low acidity. During his experimentation, Todd found that the more the water was cold, the more acidity was low.

The drink you get with cold extraction is very tasty and aromatic, perfect for those who do not prefer acidity. Thanks to the cold extraction, oils are not released, and this allows to store the drink even for some days in the refrigerator. The pleasant freshness and lightness make the cold brew ideal for the summer season, incredibly good even in the preparation of original cocktails, with gin, rum, whisky or vermouth.

We have added some orange peel to our cold brew, and how will you unleash your imagination with cold brew?

Enjoy your Summer!