#coffeeschool: moka coffee, a great classic

Simple lines and great talent, this is the moka pot, invented in Italy in the 1930s and that became the symbol of homemade Italian coffee all over the world. Its name comes from the city of Mocha, which was an important market for coffee in Yemen, on the shores of the Red Sea. Since the 1930s, many types of moka have been created, but structure and operating remain unchanged. Moka consists of three elements: the boiler, the base that contains water, the coffee funnel tank that contains ground coffee, and finally the kettle that collects the drink.

Moka pot uses the pressure that heat exerts on the water to make it filter up to the kettle, obtaining fragrant and aromatic coffee. Water, ground coffee, moka on the stove… a real ritual that we keep repeating every morning at home, with its unmistakable sounds and scents. Preparing coffee with a moka pot  is simple and, with few tips, you can get a perfect coffee cup:

  1. Fill the boiler with cold wate up to the valve level
  2. Put the coffee funnel tank and fill it with the ground Camardo coffee blend you prefer
  3. Be careful not to press the coffee powder
  4. Make sure the rubber gasket and coffee funnel tank are in their place
  5. Tighten the two parts of the moka pot
  6. Put the moka pot on the cooker, using low heat
  7. Turn off the cooker as soon as the coffee reaches the kettle and remove the moka pot from the coke. This allows you to extract only the finest features of coffee
  8. Mix coffee with a coffeespoon directly in the kettle
  9. Advice: wash your moka only with hot water and let it dry naturally before tightening it again

Here we go! You have obtained a coffee cup rich in aromas and with that classic taste that makes you feel at home. Making coffee with moka pot requires only simple actions, as well as your favourite Camardo blend. The result will be successful! All you have to do is to taste it in complete relaxation…