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#coffeeschool: Espresso, why is it called like that?

Since 1951, our commitment to spreading the culture of quality espresso around the world has always been accompanied by a continuous research to ensure a product that is always of the highest quality. All this would be in vain if there was not a barista behind the espresso machine capable of extracting a perfect cup of coffee. And this is why we have always provided our customers with coffee courses, sharing our four-generations experience.

Today with our #coffeeschool we are at an espresso coffee lesson. Do you know why it is called that?

Espresso is the coffee that identifies the Italian style of consumption par excellence. It is at the bar that we usually drink espresso coffee, so-called due to its rapid extraction method, obtained thanks to the passage of very hot water at high pressure through ground coffee, with the aid of coffee machines. It is an aromatic drink characterized by a brown hazelnut cream, with reddish reflections and light layers. The main characteristics of a quality Italian espresso are: compact cream, full body, intense aroma and sweet aftertaste.

Espresso is called like that also because it is freshly prepared and above all savored at the moment. The recipe includes: 25-30 milliliters of water and 7 grams of finely ground and pressed coffee. That’s not all, though. In fact, Espresso can also be defined as the coffee obtained with pod and capsule machines. The speed of the process allows to obtain a drink with a lower quantity of caffeine than a cup of coffee prepared with other extraction methods.

A work of art, therefore, that combines technique with taste, science with love for a perfect result in the cup, thanks to the preparation capable of enhancing the velvety, aromatic and creamy notes and releasing taste and olfactory sensations that no other drink manages to give.

A little magic to be enjoyed at any time.