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#coffeeschool: coffee flower

When it comes to coffee, the first images that come to mind is undoubtedly the cup of espresso or the coffee bean. This time we take you to the origin of the iconic Italian bverage, starting from the origin: its flower. We will let you discover this beautiful and very important white flower unknown to most people, through three curiosities that distinguish it.

1 – The coffee flower scent is reminiscent of jasmine flower scent.

Many people, no doubt, have seen it at least once in their life without knowing that they were looking at the flower at the origin of the coffee bean, precisely because of its remarkable resemblance to jasmine, both in form and in perfume. The coffee flower has a white corolla that is apparently always the same, but in reality it is different for each botanical variety. The inebriant scent is sweet and penetrating, but at the same time extremely delicate, as just mentioned, very similar to that of jasmine.

2 – The coffee flower lasts only a few hours.

The beauty of the corolla is truly ephemeral, just think that the petals wither after the few hours in which the flowers are fertilizable. They open in the morning and remain open all day long. In any case, within three to four days, the coffee flowers fall off the plant. The flowering period is actually much longer as it also consists of the pre-flowering and post-flowering phases, but you can admire (and smell!) this wonderful little flower in all its glory for a very short time.

3 – The coffee flower blooms several times a year.

It is true that its flowering is very short, but, at the same time, the coffee plant is in bloom several times a year. Specifically, in plantations in tropical and sub-tropical areas, the plants usually bloom at the beginning of the rainy season, immediately after the first rainfall. These delicate flowers grow on the secondary branches of the coffee plant, collected in small clusters and, on the adult plant, from thirty thousand to forty thousand flowers can be admired. Imagine how wonderful a plantation in bloom, and what a scent!