Camardo Minibar

Coffee pods, coffee capsules, there are many variations of the modern espresso and there are also different shapes for it.

In the huge sea of coffee capsules there is someone who has always worked to ensure the best quality. For more than 60 years, indie, our coffee has conquered several areas of the world and, keeping up with the times, we have chosen to offer our blends in the capsules as well. The harmonious and velvety taste of our famous Caraibico, the sweet and fruity notes of our 100 % Arabica blend, the pleasure of coffee also in our decvaffeinated version: all of our experience enclosed in our single portions.

It’s not the shape the one that matters, but the content. Our goal has always been to guarantee a controlled chain, from the green coffee bean to the espresso cup. Our quality control area is constantly monitors raw materials and all stages of production, from roasting, grinding, up to the packaging in pods or capsules.
We also chose to offer our unmistakable blends in E.S.E coffee pods, in our patent Camardo System Capsules, and in compatible coffee capsules: Nespresso, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Lavazza A Modo Mio, Lavazza Espresso Point.

Choose the shape and the Camardo coffee blend you prefer and enjoy…because the shape can change but not the pleasure of a good espresso cup, at home as at the bar.

Coffee in pods or coffee capsules, yes… but Camardo!