coffee extraction methods

Coffee extraction methods: how many do you know?

Coffee is not just espresso. Until a few years ago, having a cup of coffee meant having an espresso cup or some coffee prepared with moka. The growing interest in coffee culture has encouraged several enthusiasts to go beyond the boundaries of the classic extraction methods. The trend of the moment is to enjoy coffe through different types of extraction.

  • 1. Espresso – Grind, press and extract. 25-30 seconds, 7 grams of coffee powder and hot water under pressure (9 or more atmospheres): the result is enclosed in the art of espresso.
  • 2. Moka – the coffee maker is the protagonist of a daily ritual, in which everyone chooses its favourite type of blend. Taste and aroma are unmistakable.
  • 3. Ibrik or oriental coffee – also known as Turkish coffee, it dates back to the fifteenth century. A small kettle with a wide base allows you to boil water and ground coffee together. The result is a thick, tasty coffee, to which spices are usually added.
  • 4. Neapolitan coffee or cuccumella – symbol of Neapolitan Culture, the Neapolitan moka is flipped as soon as the boiling begins, allowing the water to percolate through ground coffee. Coffee is ready when you hear the classic “whistle” generated by steam.
  • 5. Filter coffee – commonly known as American coffee or drip, this simple and fast extraction method is very widespread in the United States and Europe. The invention of this patent dates back to 1908 in Germany, and is based on the extraction by slow percolation. You will get a coffee with a very light and delicate taste.
  • 6. French Press – the filter system is typical of France and is widespread in North Europe and North America. A special structure allows the extraction and filtration of coffee. You will get a drink to serve in a big cup, very aromatic and with a delicate taste.
  • 7. Cold Brew – it’s a cold infused coffee with water and ice, a natural drink with a unique and intense taste. It’s a variant of hot coffee, widespread in America.
  • 8. Chemex – this extraction method is very appreciated by those who love American coffee. It was invented by Peter J Chemist. Schlumbohm in 1941, and is obtained by using a glass coffee maker with wooden and leather handle.

There are also many other methods of coffee extraction, keep following us to find out more!