Chemex camardo coffee

Chemex coffee: how to prepare it

The world of coffee is fascinating because it allows us infinite declensions of taste for a single product. And as with mastery it gets is toasted, it is necessary that even the extraction is made perfectly, whether it is a traditional method, or an innovative one.  Today our journey among the extraction methods leads us to chemex coffee, have you ever tasted it?
This extraction method was invented by the German chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm in 1941, and is obtained through a coffee maker with a great quality design, made of glass with wooden and leather handle. This kind of coffee maker is so famous that a model of those made by his inventor is still exposed at the MoMa Museum (Museum of modern art) in New York.
The Chemex is among the methods also called “pour over” (literally pouring above), i.e. those methods that consist of pouring water on coffee powder.
Using Chemex Coffee Maker is not difficult, just pay attention and act accurately:
• First of all you have to place the paper filter in the upper part, here with hot water and then remove it;
• Then add 30 gr of ground coffee and a small part of hot water;
• After 30 seconds, you can pour the remaining hot water exclusively on coffee, making circular and continuous movements;
• After 4 minutes coffee will be ready.
The coffee obtained with chemex is very appreciated by those who love American Coffee, characterized by a very light and delicate taste.
All you have to do is taste chemex cofee and tell us what you think.