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Specialty Coffee
Specialty Coffee

Here you will find a selection of Specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans and ground coffee, natural, organic, and fair trade. Beans come from short-certified Organic and Fairtrade supply chains of single-origin plantations from around the world where some of the finest Arabicas are born. Specialty coffee enthusiasts, welcome to this world!

Ethical and Organic Specialty Coffee

We have created the line of Specialty Coffee Beans, entirely sourced from organic coffee plantations and Fairtrade supply chains, for all our connoisseurs and coffee lovers, and for those who want to experience superior tasting without the need for added sugar.

We recommend trying this coffee in a Moka pot or with a new extraction method like the coffee filter.

Make your specialty coffee tasting a unique experience and book a private tasting with an expert from the Camardo Academy.

Careful and Dedicated Roasting

The precious beans of the Camardo Specialty selection are carefully roasted with a meticulous process to enhance their aroma and characteristics.

We analyze each batch to ensure maximum quality. Specialty coffees stand out for their richness in precious aromas and extraordinary digestibility because they are 100% Arabica, offering a superior tasting experience even without the need to add sugar.

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Organic Coffee

We have selected beans from coffee plantations cultivated in harmony with the natural cycle.

Ethical and Fair-Trade Coffee

We have chosen coffee without defects from certified Fairtrade supply chains, mindful of respecting the rights of farmers/producers involved in the coffee industry.

The Specialty Coffee beans, stored in a 125g tin for packaging and storing coffee beans, we have studied the best packaging solutions.

With our hi-tech tin packaging process, the coffee beans never come into contact with oxygen. We use nitrogen to prevent the coffee from oxidizing and to preserve its original freshness.

You can find it in the 1kg format in the Caribbean Barista blend, a refined and aromatic coffee with cocoa beans, among the most popular in Camardo cafes.

The slim jar of 250g and 125g coffee beans

You can also try the 250g and 125g can of coffee beans with airtight closure and easy-open feature, ensuring an explosion of aromas from the moment you open the jar.

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