Camardo coffee cake recipe

Camardo Coffee cake recipe

Raise your hand if you love waking up with a homemade cake and the scent of coffee! And if it is Camardo coffee, you will wake up full of energy.

Today we share the recipe of a classic cake, with a special touch of Camardo coffee. Here are the ingredients to prepare it:

350 gr wholemeal flour
3 fresh eggs
100 ml coffee
100 ml milk
125gr yogurt
125 gr sugar
2 tablespoons of bitter cocoa powder
1 bag of baking powder
q.s. butter and flour to grease the cake mold
q.s. sugar to sprinkle the surface of the cake

In a bowl pour eggs and sugar and beat with an electric whisk for a few minutes, until fluffy. Now you can add yogurt and milk and mix together. Then you can add flour, vanillin and baking powder. You will get a soft cream: pour half of the batter in a cake mold greased with butter and flour.

Add coffee and cocoa powder to the remaining half of the batter and mix until you get a brown batter. Pour it on the white batter and, using a toothpick, combine the white and the brown batter, in order to create the classic marbling effect. Sprinkle the cake with sugar before putting it in the oven. Cook in preheated static oven at 180°C for 30-35 minutes.

What about trying our recipe and letting us know if you liked it?
We just wish you a special good morning!