Camardo: coffee by nature.

” We always think for a long time about what to communicate, because when we have the chiance to speak about our company, who we are and what we do, we prefer to remain silent and let our product speak for ourselves. After all, we are people of few words “- Antonella Camardo

Today, however, something is changing, or rather, it should change. A company, whether small or large, has the responsibility and duty to speak and sensitize people to new ways of consumption.

The ongoing transformations, social or technological, individual or collective, local or global, involve us emotionally and increase our awareness that the transition to a new era will entail the need for greater efforts and particular attention, not only on the process front and products for their impact on the environment, but on the way we work and build relationships with our customers and suppliers.

“Actually, this approach has always been part of our Nature: when in 2009 we invested in solar energy, when in 2000 we anticipated market trends by creating one of the first Bio Organic Italian coffee blends”.

For 70 years, in Molise, the Camardo family has been following the entire supply chain carefully to create coffee with high quality standards. “I remember the trips to South America where the best plantations were chosen with extreme care, and trusting relationships were built with a small number of farmers. Even today my father, Giuseppe Camardo, personally selects the perfect beans before they go into the production chain; still today we are inspired by the recipes developed by my grandfather Bartolomeo, who has dedicated his life to creating unique blends that make Camardo coffee among the most precious in Italy.

We love our land and we feel responsible for its protection, for this reason we chos to improve the way we produce and consume, guiding innovation towards fair progress, to guarantee an even safer, healthier and sustainable product.

With the commitment of my family and our collaborators, we created the first 100% compostable Camardo capsule, compatible with the most popular capsules systems.

It can be thrown away into the organic waste or used as compost. It is self-protected, to preserve the authenticity of our coffee as freshly roasted. It is packaged in a recyclable paper case, without an additional plastic bag. A whole line of certified BIO products is also planned.

For Camardo this is the beginning of a new corporate era in which we will keep our passion, our love for well-made things and, even more than before, we will put People, Relationships and Nature at the center of everything.”