Café Vincent, the colors of an era

Coffee Camardo loves culture…

Great success for “Café Vincent, the colors of an era”, musical dedicated to the life of Dutch Painter Vincent Van Gogh, written and directed by Andrea Ortis, an importand signature in the Italian theatrical sector, with a cast of professional actors, including young artists from Molise, our Region.

The first shows took place on 5th,6th,7th and 8th December at the Savoia Theatre in Campobasso and there are still two shows, scheduled for 14th and 15th December, at the Auditorium Unità d’ Italia in Isernia.

The work is divided into two acts and takes place inside a café chantant in mid ‘800 in Paris, where a group of artists prepares for the debut of the café show. Places like this, rich in cultural ferment, were attended by different artists, including Vincent Van Gogh.

The story develops through songs, music, choreography, narratives, engaging and exciting 3D projections, in a full immersion among the pictorial works of van Gogh, such as Sunflowers, Wheat Fields or Starry Night.

Congratulations to the “Associazione Overture” for bringing on the stage Art in all its forms, in a harmony of sounds, lights and colors of great charm and emotion.