#baristatips – Barista’s good practice

Today more than ever, good practice behind the bar counter can contribute to making the Camardo coffee experience as pleasant as ever. Maintaining hygienic safety conditions is essential, because the permanence of Covid19 on different surfaces obliges us to pay constant attention to all the areas of our café.

This is why we’d like to share some small tips with you, so as to work always at the top and which are even more important today: #baristatips – an unmissable appointment to work with hygiene and safety.


Tip # 1 – Always wear gloves, sanitize them constantly and change throughout the day




Tip # 2 – Always wear the mask, thus protecting yourself and your customers










Tip # 3 – always sanitizes the spaces of your bar after each use (counters, tables, pushbuttons, switches, handles, paper napkin dispensers, toilets etc …) Place a sanitizing hydroalcoholic liquid at the entrance of your room





Tip # 4 always remembers that, even if covered by a mask, the barista’s smile always gives us joy and makes us start the day well!