Baya Roja Caffè Camardo

A journey through Camardo’s Arabica coffee Selection

An emotional journey where Baya Roja are born, our finest selection of excellent Arabica single origins coffee. A unique unmistakable and worth trying experience! From Brasil to Ethiopia, to Columbia, from Costa Rica to Jamaica… unforgettable flavours!

We created the Baya Roja coffee line, dedicated to those who want to taste some of the single origins that are part of our blends. A path for true coffee lovers, with Camardo’s quality and experience.

Our selected Baya Roja come from the best farms of Arabica Coffee in the world, where producers work with the highest quality standards to provide us with this precious coffee. The enveloping aroma of Arabica coffee grown in Brazil, the harmony and sweetness of the Costa Rica single origin, the surprising taste with fruity notes of the Ethiopia single origin and the harmonious balance with almondy notes of Columbia Arabica coffee, these are some of the stages of our journey around the world of Baya Roja Arabica selection, a journey we want to share with you…