100th birthday of Nonno Bartolomeo Camardo

Today is an extremely important day for our Company, because we celebrate the 100th birthday of Nonno Bartolomeo.

This picture portrays him while indicating the fruit of coffee, the drupe, in one of his visits to the coffee plantations and symbolically brings us back to the moment in which the magic of our history came to life, when with great vision he understood the path which would lead him to realize his dream: to transform the fruit of coffee into good coffee blends and to create a future for his family and his land.

Dearest grandfather, you would have turned 100 today.

For us you were a great master, the author of our timeless blends. From a visionary craftsman you became Knight of the Order of Merit for Labour, the forefather of a company that today exports all over the world. Our promise is to continue to make a coffee that is always good, as you loved to do as well.

We thank you because the dream that originated from your heart, has now become ours too.